When should a student register for SAT?

One should consider registering SAT for at least 6-7 weeks prior to the exam date in order to get your preferred date choice and exam center choice.

How to register for SAT?

One can register of SAT through College Board’s website:  www.collegeboard.com

How long does it take for results to come out?

Score card is mailed 4-6 weeks after the exam is conducted. Students can look up their scores 2 weeks after the exam at College Board’s website (www.collegeboard.com).

How many times can I appear for SAT?

A student can appear for SAT for as many times as they can if they’re required to send only their best scores to the university or college. However, if a university requires you to send all your SAT scores, it is recommended that you take SAT three times and not more.

When should one start preparing for SAT?

Since SAT is a very important requirement for admission in an undergraduate program, it is recommended that a student start preparing for SAT as soon as possible. Download sample test papers from College Board’s website and try solving them. This will give you an idea about the type of questions to expect and which topics to focus on.

How much score should I aim for in SAT test?

An ideal SAT score simply depends upon the college one is aspiring for. So, cross check with the college authorities as to how much SAT score is required to be eligible for admission.