GRE Coaching Classess
An advanced degree can open up many opportunities. Thus, if deciding to go for one, you are taking an important step in your career. GRE Coaching helps students to portray their capabilities to business and graduate schools. GRE Coaching Institute also gives students a lot of leverage in terms of deciding which scores they want to send to universities. In case a student fails to perform his/her best on the day of the test, he/she can reappear for the test and then decide which scores they want to attach with their application.

Prospective graduate and business school applicants from around the world who want to pursue Masters’, MBA, specialized masters and doctoral degrees can take GRE. GRE revised general test is available at more than 850 test centres across 160 countries. Validity of GRE is 5 years and exam fee is US$ 195. GRE scores are accepted at thousands of business and graduate schools across the globe.


Revised format of Graduate Record Examination ,abbreviated as GRE Test Preparation, features questions that are relatable to the kind of thinking and skill set you need to arm yourself with in order to successfully endure the demands of graduate and business school programs. A test taker oriented computer based design allows you to be flexible with options of choosing the questions you would like to go for first and changing the answers to the questions.

GRE revised general test measures skills in the domain of verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing- skills that cannot be squarely related to any particular field but are necessary to succeed in any field. The idea is to measure the long term development of mental and analytical faculties of test takers.

Here’s a look at the content covered in three sections of GRE- Verbal reasoning, Quantitative reasoning and analytical writing:


This section measures one’s ability to:

analyze and draw conclusions from a particular discourse, identify author’s assumptions and perspective, unraveling multiple levels of meaning such as literal, figurative and author’s intent; and extracting reason from incomplete data set, etc.
understand the structure of the text in terms of distinguishing major points from minor ones, summarizing text and highlighting important points.
understand the relationship between words and concepts.
This section, thus, measures your capability to understand what you read and applying your reasoning skills to it.


This section measures your ability to:

understand numeric and statistical information.
interpret and analyze the quantitative information
solve problems using mathematical and statistical tools and techniques such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry and data interpretation.
In order to complete this section, test takers can use on screen calculators and in paper based test, calculators will be provided to test takers.


This section measures your ability to:

articulate complex ideas clearly and effectively.
support ideas with relevant reasons and examples
construct a well focused and coherent discussion.
Therefore, the revised GRE comes with an improved assessment and larger coverage area in terms of skills and faculties.