How do I schedule a GMAT?

You can schedule a GMAT online or through phone.

Where and when can I take GMAT in India?

GMAT is offered round the year in 17 cities of India through 20 test centres.

How much time it takes to prepare for GMAT?

You should continue your preparation until you are totally comfortable with question types and pattern of test. Though it varies from individual to individual, standard time to prepare for a GMAT is seven weeks or more.

What ID do I need to bring along with me at the test centre?

Acceptable IDs include a driver’s license, government-issued ID, military ID, permanent resident/green card, or passport.

Am I allowed to use calculators during the exam?

A calculator will be provided only for Integrated Reasoning section. For quantitative section, note boards and markers will be provided to work out the calculations.

When do I get my scores?

You will get an unofficial score report immediately after the exam. An email will an official score card will be sent about 20 days after the exam.

Can I cancel my scores?

After the end of the exam, you will be informed about your unofficial scores. You will be given two minutes to decide whether you want to keep the scores or cancel it. If time expires before you make a selection, your scores will automatically be cancelled.

If I cancel my score once and want to reinstate it. What do I do?

A fee of US$100 will be charged to reinstate the cancelled score. To reinstate a cancelled score, call the customer care centre of your region. Such requests should be made within 60 days of the test date.

How often can I take GMAT?

You can take GMAT once every 31 days and no more than 5 times in a 12 month period.

What if I need to reschedule my exam?

You can reschedule your exam online or through phone. A rescheduling fee of US$50 will apply if exam is scheduled 7 days or more before the actual date of test. A fee of US$250 will be charged if exam is rescheduled less than 7 days before the actual date of test.