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What is IELTS?

IELTS stands for The International English Language Testing System, it is the most popular test to check the English Language proficiency, and it’s a pre-requisite to study, migration, and work.

In 135 countries, more than 10,000 organizations, educational institutions, professional associations, employers, and THE governments, recognize IELTS.

The IELTS exam is designed by a group of experts and it is made sure that the test is fair and unbiased for any candidate regardless of their background, lifestyle, location, gender, or nationality.

With more than two million people have taken the tests in the past years.

IELTS coaching can be undertaken at the below-mentioned Locations:

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The Test format

This Language Test assesses your levels of ability in Reading, Speaking, Writing, and Speaking. The duration of the test is maximum 3 hours.

There are two kinds of IELTS;

General training is for the people who wish to migrate to Australia, UK, and Canada.

The Academic test is for the people who wish you to apply for their higher studies.

Both the tests are assessed on four components; Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing.

All the three components i.e. Reading, Writing, and listening tests are completed on the same day itself. Whereas, the Speaking test may happen anytime a week before or after the other components.



Duration: 30 minutes.

You are supposed to write the answers to the series of questions you hear, which are recorded by the Native Speakers. There are 4 recordings in this section to be heard.

1st Recording: two people having a conversation on a social cause related to daily life.

2nd Recording: Monologue from everyday life, like- A speech on local amenities.

3rd Recording: A dialogue comprising four people at an educational institution or training room, for example; a teacher and a student in a discussion on an assignment.

4th Recording: Monologue related to any academic subject, for example; a school lesson, or a lecture at the University.

Assessment criteria:

  • Ability to support your understanding on the main idea and detailed information with facts and figures.
  •  Attitudes and opinions of speakers.
  • Evidence to support your ability to trace your ideas developing.


Duration: 60 minutes

You are supposed to answer all the 40 questions in this component. This component comprises:

  • Reading for main Ideas. Reading for gist.
  • Reading for detail.
  • Understanding logical argument.
  • Recognising writers’ opinions, attitudes and purpose.


IELTS Academic test – This comprises three long texts ranging from the factual and descriptive to the analytical and discursive. These are taken from journals, books, newspapers, and magazines.  These are selected for the people going to start a course at the university or wanting to begin a professional registration.

IELTS General Training test – This comprises excerpts from newspapers, advertisements, magazines, notices, and company handbooks. The excerpts are based on the daily life used in an English speaking surrounding.

Academic Writing

Duration: 60 minutes

IELTS Academic test

There are general interest topics to, and essential for, test takers going to start a UG or PG course.

Task 1 – The student will be presented with a table, graph, diagram, or chart and will have to describe, explain or summarize the information as per his or her understanding. You may even have to explain and describe data, you may have to describe the levels of a process, you may even have to describe an object or any event, or you may have to explain about working of something.

Task 2– You will have to write an essay in accordance with an opinion, problem, or an argument. The responses are expected to follow a formal approach.

IELTS General Training

Topics are of general interest. There are two tasks:

Task 1 – An essay has to be written by you as a response to an opinion, problem, or an argument. There should be a personal touch to the essay.

Task 2 – There will be a situation and you are expected to write a letter seeking information, or describing the situation. The letter can have a semi-formal, personal, or formal approach in the style of writing.


Duration: 1114 minutes

The speaking part asses you on the competence of your communication, moreover, the entire test is recorded. There are three parts in this section:

Part 1 – You’ll be asked general questions related to yourself, the topics will be like family, work, home, interests, and studies. Duration of this part is 4-5 minutes.

Part 2 – In this part the examiner will give you a cue card stating a particular topic, and you will be required to talk on it for about a maximum of 2 minutes. Prior to this you will be given a minute to prepare your notes.

Part 3 – This part is in continuation with the part 2 as there is a discussion on more issues and ideas related to your topic from the previous part. This part lasts for 4-5 minutes.

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